What is Whole Home Surge Protection

Are you considering whole home surge protection to keep your electronics from sustaining damage? Were you even aware this was an option? Much like the power strips you likely have all over your home, whole home surge protection aims to protect your electrical system and appliances. If you have never experienced a power surge, it can cause irreversible damage to your essential and costly devices. Anything plugged into the wall without protection is subject to an unexpected surge. In fact, an overwhelming percentage of the surges a home experiences are a result of the appliances in the home. Smaller, more frequent surges affect devices more so than large one-off surges. Think about your refrigerator, washer, dryer, or laptop getting fried and needing a replacement.

If you want to save yourself the stress of replacing valuable items and paying several hundred or thousands of dollars in the process, whole home surge protection can be a sound investment for your home. Consider installing whole home surge protection before the onset of your next power surge. Read on for more information about its advantages and disadvantages, and why you should implement surge protection for the whole house.

What is Whole Home Surge Protection?

Whole home surge-protection is a safety measure undertaken to ensure that all electrical devices avoid taking damage by any power spikes. Power spikes can be the result of the power company switching grids, overloading a power grid in the home, and lightning. Essentially, surge protectors are devices capable of either filtering the excess detrimental electrical voltage or breaking the connection from the power source to the target devices.

The two types of surge protection are known as sacrificial shunt technology and series filter technology. Series filters encompass the most familiar point-of-use power strips. However, not every multi-plug strip features surge protection. These devices neutralize surges and power spikes repeatedly. However, using multiple power strips together can do more harm than good.

On the other hand, sacrificial shunt mode technology employs the use of MOVs (metal oxide varistors). Shunts are low resistance points in a circuit that divert the current through them first before resuming the electrical path. The metal oxide varistors are the shunts, allowing current to flow through them before reaching the load. Due to their low resistance at high voltages, low voltage current passes easily, and high voltage current breaks down the diode junctions that allow current flow. In this way, high voltage current is shunted away from the load.

You can achieve whole home surge protection by approaching it in layers. The first layer is at the point of connection from the source to the meter box. Use a service entrance surge protector here. Having this can protect motors, light switches, and other electrical points you do not plug into a power outlet. If lightning strikes, it can reduce the power surge level before it reaches the devices you have plugged in. Then employ point-of-use surge protectors at the appliance level.

Advantages of Whole Home Surge Protection

There are several advantages of using whole home surge protection. If saving money or appliances wasn’t reason enough, see the benefits of it below:

  • Surge protection prolongs the life of your electronics
  • Whole home surge protection reduces the need for extra home insurance coverage
  • Surge protection throughout the home can withstand lightning strikes
  • Many home surge protector systems come with their own insurance plans and warranties

Drawbacks of Whole Home Surge Protection

  • The top shelf protectors are expensive, especially the series filters
  • You must replace and upgrade surge protection equipment to retain a high degree of effectiveness
  • It is not possible to achieve complete home surge protection capability since the surge protectors remain susceptible to damage

Why is it wise to have Whole Home Surge-protection?

Still on the fence when it comes to whole home surge protection? Here are a few more reasons having it would add value to your life and home.

  • Wifi-connected “smart devices” can become useless when a power surge interrupts internet connectivity.
  • Surge protection protects both the wiring and devices from damage, and in an area with frequent power outages, their utility outweighs their costs and the cost of repairs.
  • Most power spikes are the result of applications cycling on and off within the house and third layer surge protectors solve this problem at the source.
  • Some surge protector filters double up as electrical noise cancellers, improving reception of AV and FM signals.

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