Solar Energy Will Be Affected By Trump’s Tariff

Climate change has been very controversial lately, and solar energy is no exception. Now that The President has placed a tariff on the panels, there is, even more, to talk about. Everyone is wondering how this will play out. While there appear to be many reasons to forego solar energy, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are still plenty of benefits to solar energy. The environment isn’t the only beneficiary of those rewards, either. Here is a rundown:

Solar Energy: The Cost

It is being said that the new tariff is going to cost more. Not only in actual payment for those who want the panels, but in jobs. There are predictions that an industry that has grown one-hundred and seventy-eight percent since 2010 is now going to end up losing in the economy. Not only will the tariff cost approximately twenty-three thousand jobs, but those who want them will end up dishing out more cash. Not only will there be an additional cost for the panels, but there will also be a wind-down of federal credits for their purchase. This isn’t the year for those who want solar panels. But, while the cost seems high; the savings can be higher. It is a matter of seeing the short versus the long term.

Solar Energy: The Loss

The solar energy industry was booming and had even added to the job force. Now it is said that there will be tens of thousands of people looking for jobs. And those are early estimates. Which means that the total could be much higher than we think. Especially once you start considering the indirect effects. Some of the companies releasing those workers from employment aren’t large companies. There are many construction companies who started installing the panels, to pick up more work when they were slow. Now, those mom and pop companies aren’t going to be able to pay for those people to install them. This can be even more painful for those who have them sitting around and can’t find anyone to buy them. You can read more about it here.

Solar Energy: The Gain

There are some sources stating that there will be companies from other countries that will build factories in the United States, because of the tariff. The first in line seems to be JinkoSolar, which is a company from China. This is projected to increase jobs here, but that isn’t necessarily true. There isn’t much talk about the fact that some companies overseas are able to bring employees into the country and pay them less than they would pay those here. They can entice them with work visas and residential perks, paying them what they would pay here or a little more.

Solar energy: Buying

The tariff shouldn’t be a total killer for anyone who is thinking about purchasing solar panels. Remember that they still save money on your energy bill, which should even the weight of the extra cost. Also, you are investing money in local businesses by asking a local installer to do the job. Most of all, any panels that were purchased before the tariff shouldn’t cost more. There are some who saw the tariff coming and purchased masses before. Really, the only way to know what the cost will be is to ask. It is probably an even better idea to get an estimate while you are at it. Get a more accurate number than just a guestimate based on how many panels you want or are in stock.

Solar energy isn’t just a way for you to help the environment. It is also a way for you to stay on top of bills and keep your costs low. It might not seem like it in the beginning, especially with the new tariff, but, the money it will save you, in the long run, will be more than the extra cost added on recently. You will be happy that you to decided to go with the solar energy panels once you see your electric bill.

You just need to make the first move and find someone who is going to do a great job with the installation without gouging your wallet in the process. You want quality work, but also don’t want to pay more than you need to for it. You can start your search here.