Rusty Electrical Panels: the Environment to Look Out For

Although many people don’t realize it, their electrical panel face certain risks. Without being aware of it, you might have a panel that has exposure to some harmful elements. Those elements can cause problems, like rust. Rusty electrical panels can cause a great deal of trouble for you. For that reason, it’s important to do what you can to prevent rust. Find out how you can prevent it, treat it, and reduce your risks.

What Causes Rusty Electrical Panels?

When certain types of metal encounter water, there is a risk of rust. Rust is a result of an iron or alloy that contains alloy becoming exposed to oxygen and moisture. Often, the chemical reaction takes an extended period of time. As time passes, the oxygen combines with the atoms in the metal. Then, it forms a new compound called oxide. That compound weakens the metal’s chemical bonds and makes the metal weaker as a whole.

There are several reasons that your electrical panel could develop rust. First, it could be weather-related. If you live in a humid climate, then your panel is at risk. In humid climates, there is a great deal of moisture in the air. That moisture exposes your panel to oxygen. In return, it makes it more likely to develop rust. An electrical panel that resides in the elements has constant exposure to moisture. Without taking the right precautions, you could have future problems with your electricity.

Another issue is water exposure. When it sits outside, your electrical panel has constant exposure to water. For example, rain could be an issue. In a climate with frequent rainfall, your electrical panel gets frequent water exposure. Water can enter the meter box or electrical or a service cable. Then, it can flow to the panel box. There are other ways that the water can get into your panel. In any case, the result is the same. Your panel could become rusty.

Any humid or wet climate is a harsh environment for your electrical panel. With the wrong weather, your electrical panel could be at risk. Because rusty electrical panels come with safety hazards, you should learn how to prevent and handle them.

Preventing Rust

Preventing rust in a moist environment is difficult. However, an electrician knows how to prevent rust properly. If you have concerns about your panel, you should contact an electrician. He can explain your options and might be able to prevent rust.

Additionally, you can be more observant. Pay attention to your electrical panel. As soon as you notice rust, you need to contact an electrician. You can be more proactive by being on the lookout for water. If you see any evidence of water in your panel, then rust could be an issue. Water near your electrical panel is never a good thing. In addition to preventing rust, your call to an electrician could also prevent a safety issue.

The Problem with Rusty Electrical Panels

You might be wondering why it’s so important to prevent rusty electrical panels. The answer is simple. When you have rust on your electric panel, there is a risk to you. According to field observations, rusty panels can prevent the electrical system from tripping on overcurrent. If there is overcurrent, then the system will continue to run. This can result in a fire.¬†With the extensive damage that comes with fire, you need to do your best to prevent fires. That means keeping your electrical panel free of rust.

There are other possible effects of electrical panels that have rust. For example, your electrical circuitry could have malfunctions. The rust could even result in the complete electric failure of your home. If you take the measures to prevent your panel from rust, then you could avoid a major headache.

Understanding the prime environment for rusty electrical panels is important. If you know that your panel is in a moist environment, then you can be on the lookout. The best way to prevent a major issue is to be vigilant and proactive. In the end, it could save you from electrical problems.

What Happens When You’re Too Late?

You can’t always prevent rust. It may be too late. If you have a problem with rust, then you need the help of an electrician. Electrical problems are serious issues that you should not handle on your own. Often, DIY attempts result in dangerous situations. Sometimes, they make the electrical problem worse than it was before.

Be sure to contact an electrician as soon as you notice rust. When he comes, he might replace the electric service cable. Or, he might replace the seal on top of your meter box. Then, he will look at the damage in your fuse panel. There might not be water in your fuses or breakers. However, that’s not always the case. If you have water in either, then you have major problems. You could need a new service. For this reason, you need to act quickly.