How Lightning Damages Homes and Tips For Prevention

When you hear the words extreme weather, your mind will probably go to the most drastic extremes like hurricanes, but even an everyday thunderstorm can result in extreme conditions. That ordinary thunderstorm may have damaging hail and create water damage. It can also have dangerous lightning. Lightning damages homes just as much as some of these other factors, but you may not think about it as much because while hail may land in a wide area, lightning strikes are less widespread.

Did You Know Lightning Damages Homes?

The threat of lightning is a real issue as lightning damages homes. The most extreme case of lightning damaging a home is a fire starting due to the lightning strike. This situation can end in a loss of your home, but there are other potential ways lightning damages homes. Lightning can create a power surge in your home that results in your damage to your electronic devices. Think about all of the electronics in your home. It probably goes beyond just your televisions or computers as many appliances are integrating smart features in them that could be damaged. Having a smart home that’s connected by electronics could result in even more issues down the road as you have to test and replace damaged portions of your system. It can be a real problem that gets expensive fast depending on what needs to be replaced.

How Can Lightning Enter Your Home?

There are a few ways that lightning can enter your home. It can come in when it strikes your home directly. It can also come in if it hits an object on your roof.  This object can be your satellite dish, weather vane, or any antennas you may have installed. Your roof dormer or chimney may allow lightning to come into the home. If you have an invisible fence set up for your dog, this could enable lighting to enter your home. Also, irrigation systems could be a gateway for lightning. A final way is through any metal pipes that run into your home. No matter how it enters it’s important to remember that lightning damages homes, and it’s vital to protect your home.

How Can You Protect Your Home from Lightning Damage?

No one can predict where lightning can and will strike, but taking preventative measures for your home is the best protection you can have. A lightning protection system is an effective way to protect your home. Lightning damages homes, but using this type of system can help to discharge the electricity from the lightning strike away from your home itself. A lightning protection system will intercept the lightning striking your home and create a path for the power outside of your home. When the system is working correctly, it stops the lightning’s potential damage to your home and family.

Surge protection is another way to protect your home from the damages that can be caused by a lightning strike. You can go beyond just using those surge protection strips that you can purchase at most stores. A panel box surge protective device is going to be your most robust option in case of an electrical surge caused by lightning. This type of tool helps to prevent any damage from the lighting making it to your electronics or appliances. It works by diverting the currents caused by the surge at the electrical service entrance rather than hoping that the surge protectors some of your electronics are plugged into work against a lighting strike alone. Surge protectors can work well in conjunction with a surge protection device tied into your ground system, but they often aren’t up to the task of handling lighting strike electrical surges.

Bringing In the Experts

A good recommendation from experts is that you have your system inspected. This inspection will determine if it meets with current National Electric Code Requirements. At this point, you also have the option of having your system fixed, so it meets these requirements as well as having any suggestions on better protection given. Installing a lightning protection system in addition to a panel box surge protective device can ensure that your home has protection from lightning-caused power surges and other electrical surges created outside of your home.

Do you need a professional to come in and inspect your current electrical setup? Your timing has never been better as June 1st was the start of the hurricane season and extreme weather can happen at any time. Don’t let that pop-up afternoon thunderstorm be the reason that your home electrical system is at risk. Lightning damages homes, so let’s protect yours. Call our electrical professionals to come in and evaluate your system. We can help you in getting your electrical system ready to handle any potential problems that could come your way during this storm season.

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