Global Warming Affects Modern Conveniences

When people think about the impact of global warming, they often think of the effect that it has on the environment. However, many people don’t realize that global warming can also affect life as we know it. If global warming continues to occur, then modern conveniences could disappear. Find out how your life could change as global warming occurs.

What’s the Connection?

Global warming has already had a far-reaching impact. Across the world, the climate is undergoing changes. The temperature across the globe is rising. This increase in temperature is likely to result in extreme heat, drought, wildfires, and flooding. Over time, it is likely that these extreme weather events will become more common.

Any type of extreme weather event has the potential to affect your electricity. When flooding occurs, the power goes out. When wildfires spread, they destroy power lines. And when extreme heat occurs, transformers can blow. In many ways, weather directly affects your access to electricity. Global warming has a direct impact on electricity. As a result, it can take away modern conveniences.

Examples of How Natural Disasters Affect Electricity

If you want an example, look at Puerto Rico. Recently, a hurricane took out the whole country’s power grid. Six weeks after the hurricane hit, many Puerto Ricans still have no power. And it may be a long wait. With hopes to have power back by Christmas, the country will wait for several more weeks before power is back.

Even in the United States, the effects of Hurricane Irma left many without power. In some towns, individuals waited weeks to get electricity in their homes. If someone needed to charge a phone, they went to the nearest store with power. Many grocery stores set out chairs next to the outlets. As people charged their phones, they watched the shoppers. For a few weeks, life was almost unrecognizable. Internet was like the holy grail; without power, many individuals had no internet.

Other natural disasters have similar effects. Also recent events, the wildfires in California left many individuals without power. And these power outages aren’t new occurrences. There are many past examples. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy left eight million people in the US without power. The hurricane impacted the electricity in 21 states.

Life Without Electricity

Today, people depend on electricity. Think about your day, and then think about it without electricity. Without it, water treatment plants can’t function. You might not be able to shower or drink your tap water. Checking your email is also impossible. Without power, you have no internet. And without power, you have no way to charge your phone. You can’t even use your cell phone to check messages.

For many, living without electricity is not an option. During the hurricane, some people chose to stay with family members out-of-state rather than go to a home with no power. The idea of no modern conveniences was so unappealing that living in cramped quarters seemed better. Fortunately, you might not have to live without it.

What Can You Do to Prepare for Global Warming?

As of now, global warming is a reality. There is no way to undo the changes that caused global warming. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the climate changes. However, there is a way to prevent further damage.

If people start to rely more on electricity and rely less on gas, then global warming could slow. Instead of continuing to rise, the temperature could remain the same. Such an impact would require everyone to contribute; it needs to be on a global scale. If everyone reduced their carbon footprint, then global warming would be less of a problem.

Making Changes

To prevent further climate change and prepare for future electrical issues, people need to make some changes. For one, they need to work on improving the electricity infrastructure.

Secondly, people need to reduce their carbon emissions. These emissions are the very cause of global warming. If people can limit them, then they can limit climate change. To accomplish this, there needs to be a reduction of gas-powered vehicles. While there are many other ways to reduce carbon emissions, cars are a good starting point. Instead of relying on gas-powered vehicles, people could rely on electric ones.

To accomplish both goals, people need to focus on renewable energy. In the past few years, there have been many advancements in renewable energy. For example, solar technology has come a long way. You can install solar panels for an affordable price and get a renewable energy source. Wind turbines also provide renewable energy. With wind turbines, you can power a home without making high carbon emissions.

Although it’s too late to reverse global warming, it’s not too late to make a difference. You can focus on renewable energy and work to make the world a better place. If you do, then you might not need to worry about losing electricity.