Electrocution Accidents

Electrocution accidents can have very serious effects on you and your family. Unfortunately, these accidents are quite common. Find out what causes electrocution accidents and how you can prevent them.

What are electrocution accidents?

This type of accident is any accident that involves a person having an electrical shock. Often, the shock results in death. However, electrocution can have less serious effects on an individual. It all depends on the severity of the shock. If an accident involves high voltage, the damage is more likely to be serious. For example, a high voltage shock could cause damage to your cells, your heart, and your skin. It is not uncommon for electrical shock victims to have severe burns. After an electrical shock of a high voltage, it is crucial that the victim gets medical help immediately. Time is of the essence.

What causes them?

Here are a few common causes of electrocution accidents:

1. Power lines

There are many ways that electrocution accidents occur. However, one of the most common ways is with overhead power lines. If your home is the location of a storm, then your power lines could have damage. As a result, your power could go out. Some individuals try to take matters into their own hands. If they notice downed power lines, they try to get closer to them. This can lead to electrocution. Only an experienced electrician should go near downed power lines. If you have a power outage in your home, the best thing that you can do is call the electric company.

In some cases, a storm leaves a power line dangling down. This can also cause electrocution. If you or anyone else goes near the line, then there is a risk of electrocution. Any puddles of water near the power line increase that risk. Once again, you should avoid the area. Call the power company immediately so they can repair the line. As the experts, they have the responsibility to mark off the area and to fix the power lines.

2. DIY fixes

When people try to fix their electrical problems on their own, electrocution can occur. Sometimes, the culprit is a new fan that you wanted to wire yourself. At other times, it’s a toaster that you thought you could fix. No matter how big or small the project may be, you should save it for an expert.

DIY fixes on electrical problems can go bad quickly. If you forget to turn off the power or make one small mistake, the result can be fatal. No YouTube video can turn you into an expert electrician. When you have an electrical problem, call an electrician immediately.

3. Defective products

If an electrical product is defective, it could result in electrocution. Usually, this occurs with appliances, medical devices, and power tools. Sometimes, using the defective product is enough to cause an accident. To avoid one, be sure to get rid of any products that spark or seem to malfunction. Pay attention to product recalls and be sure to return any electronic devices that are under recall.

Electrical appliances often need repairs. When they finally get repaired, you might notice that they spark or hum. If so, then you may have a faulty appliance. The repair work could be poor and could result in electrocution. If you hire an experienced repairman to do your work, then this should not be a problem. Be sure to contact one if your appliance seems not to work properly.

How should you handle an electrocution accident?

Although you might do everything you can to avoid electrocution, accidents still happen. If they do, there are a few steps that you can take to keep the victim safe. However, be sure not to put yourself at risk. Do not touch the person if she is in contact with the electricity.

First, you should turn off the source of electricity. If the accident was the fault of a device, be sure to turn it off. If necessary, you should turn off the power at the breaker. Then, you should call 911 if it is an emergency situation.

Once the power is off and you call emergency services, you need to examine the victim. Check to see if she is breathing, moving, or coughing. If not, then you should perform CPR. Getting a CPR certification is worthwhile; you never know when you can use it. Your attempt at CPR could revive the individual.

If the individual is breathing, then you should prevent them from getting a chill. Look for a blanket and wrap it around her body if she has no burns. Keeping her warm can save her life. Avoid moving her at all costs. If she has any serious injuries, then the movement can do more harm than good.

Staying Safe

Preventing electrocution accidents is simple. Call a qualified electrician if you need help around your home. And be sure to know what to do in the event of electrocution.